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Third Floor Hosting
Why is fully-managed
hosting great for you? 

In short, we do it for you. Simply e-mail your requests, and its done. Managed services are part of all hosting plans.

Amazing up-time. Green too,
thanks to energy credits.

Enjoy big company reliability, with one-on-one expert account management. Have a unique hosting requirement? 3F has you covered.

Get to know the guys that
take care of you.

3F is a small team that has genuine interest in your success. You'll know your account experts on a first name basis.

We also provide:

Data Backup & Security
Google AdWords
Custom Data Management
What does 'fully-managed' mean?

Generally speaking, a hosting company will provide its client with an admin interface ~ then it's up to you to configure your own domain(s) settings, email configuration, server installs, etc. You're the primary troubleshooter should things go sideways.

At ThirdFloor, we take care of setup, account changes, service monitoring and troubleshooting on your behalf. We determine what you need and simply take care of it.

Ongoing, make change requests by email and we'll take care of that too.

How am I billed?

Pretty straight-forward. We invoice annually and in advance. Renewal is in January, and partial year services are pro-rated.

Who is Third Floor?

ThirdFloor was started by a couple of McMaster grads, two guys that wanted to help people get their internet ideas off the ground. Since those projects needed hosting, it just made sense to provide that service too. Lots has changed in 25 years but the guys are still here, and still pals :)

What is *not* included with a managed plan?

Consultation, website design, marketing and training are examples of extra services.

Domain registration and domain renewal is billed annually. Data backup and SSL certificates are also available for purchase.

Do you reward for referrals?

Yes we do! We incentivize new sign ups with a free month + extend the same bonus to you (the referrer). PLUS, a heartfelt thank you.

It's a similar price to unmanaged hosting and I talk to [real] people that care about my success.

— Patrick, APC

I create new content all the time, WordPress is fast!

— Linda, SmartStart

The backup service really saved my bacon. Thanks for the quick restore!

— Kris, Kamikaze

We've been with these guys for years. Requests are completed quickly and the service is solid.

— Glenn, Mouse XM

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